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Start saving with complete peace of mind knowing that your investment is insured by NDIC (Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation). Open an account to see various savings opportunities available to help you save with ease.

Main Savings Account

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Termed Deposit

Get great return on your investment. You stand a chance to earn as much as 18% per annum on your fixed deposit with us.

Target Savings

It is a product designed for individuals who are gainfully employed or that earn monthly or daily income generated from business.

I De Save

Designed to encourage you to make daily work count through regular contact savings within 30 days to 24 months savings cycle.

How to Start Easy Saving With nVAULT App

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nVAULT is a product of Neptune Microfinance Bank, licensed by Central Bank of Nigeria. It is a financial application that provides top notch digital payment, savings, and investment services.


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