Frequently Asked Questions

What is nVAULT all about?

nVAULT is a financial application that provides top notch digital payment, savings, loan and   investment services.

Who can use nVAULT?


What is the relationship between nVAULT and Neptune Microfinance Bank Limited?

nVAULT is a product of Neptune Microfinance Bank Limited.

Does nVAULT have a physical office?

Yes, nVAULT has a physical office. It is located at 1 Adeola Adeoye street, off Toyin street, Olowu, Lagos.

How do I contact nVAULT when I have feedbacks or issues?

You can contact through these channels: call 07055598885, chat us on WhatsApp – 07055598885, or send an email to [email protected]

What are the types of account available on nVAULT?

Personal account and Business account

Why do you need my BVN?

We need your BVN to be sure that no one is pretending to be you. We will ask you to confirm your BVN and will compare the information you provided with the information on National BVN Database, owned by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

Are there limitations on my account and how can I overcome it?

Yes, there are limitations depending on the tier of account you opened and that is why you will be required to upgrade your account to avoid any limitations on your account.

What are the requirements for opening a personal account?

We will need your photograph and BVN

How do I put money in my account?

You can fund your account by transferring money from any bank into your nVAULT account using your nVAULT account number.  You are to select Neptune Microfinance Bank on other Bank’s app

I have an account with Neptune Microfinance Bank. Do I need to register as a new user on the nVAULT app?

If you already have a Neptune Microfinance Bank account, you don’t need to open a new account. Just click on create account and follow the prompt by registering for online banking with your existing account number.

How do I transfer from my nVAULT account to other bank account?

Select the Send money option, fill in the amount, destination bank and follow the instructions diligently.

What are the requirements for opening a business account?

To open a business account, you will be instructed to open a personal account first.  In total, we will need your photograph, BVN, CAC documents, valid ID card, utility bill and signature

Are there charges for every transfer?

Yes. It is in line with approved CBN transfer charges

Can I download receipts for every transaction I make?

Yes, you can download and share receipts.

Can I track my inflows and out flows?

Yes you can. Go to services on the app and select Analytics.

How do I request for my statement of account?

Go to Services – select Statement – fill in the dates you want the statement of account to start from and end – cross check your email address – click Send to my email

What is Scheduled Payment?

Scheduled payment is a standing instruction set up by an account holder specifying an amount or series of amount to be made to a recipient account at a particular date.

Can I schedule payment on nVAULT?

Yes, you can schedule payment for any period specified.

Can I update my personal and /or business details on the app?

Yes you can.

How can I reset my password?

Select the forgot password option and follow the prompts.

Do I get an account officer after opening an nVAULT account?

No. However, you can reach out to our customer service using our various channels

Can I do Bills payment on nVAULT?


How much is the convenience fee for bills payment?


What are the types of bills found on the app?

Various; Utility, Cable, Internet etc.

Is my money safe with nVAULT?

Your money is 100% secured with nVAULT. We are licensed by the CBN and all deposits are insured by the NDIC.

Can I Open more accounts on nVAULT and what account can be added?

Yes you can open more accounts and the accounts that can be added are Regular savings account, My Child account and Business account

Do you give out loans?

Yes we do.

What type of loans do you give?

We give out both personal and business loans. 

Can my loan repayment date be extended.

No. Delayed payment will attract penalty fees and will impact your ability to access loans in future.

Can my repayment of loan be made before the due date?

Of course! Yes

Does nVAULT allows the liquidation of loan before the end of its tenure?

  Yes we do.

I am unable to pay my loan before the due date. What is my penalty?

1% flat per month of the loan in addition to the agreed interest rate

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nVAULT is a product of Neptune Microfinance Bank, licensed by Central Bank of Nigeria. It is a financial application that provides top notch digital payment, savings, and investment services.


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